Guys could i suggest a new section for questions and answers the reason for this is where anybody can ask about anything, in paticular noobs the way i see it is that people get into hacking to play backups and save a fortune they get the files they need and try to install the hack hit the many problems and are blind as hell to the Cios iso wads ect and then go looking for help and find the sites such as this one, post a question any where they can on the site and then get flamed for not performing a search first (this site is not to bad for this i may add) gba temp is bad for it.Truth be told even with the search they dont know what to search for. A section where people can ask and get a quick reply to get them on the way to playing backups witout cryptic clues or sarcastic answers will bring people back again and again to the site,
Just a thought Guys
Regards Baz