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Thread: Wii Mod Chip Installation Service Needed?

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    Wii Mod Chip Installation Service Needed?

    I plan to buy a WiiKey but I don't want to install it myself. The cheapest installation service I've seen is from for $55. Does anybody know any other service that is cheaper and I can actually trust not to steal or mess up my Wii? I live in Tampa, FL in Carrollwood, if anyone knows a place near there.

    Also, is there a better modchip coming out soon that I should wait for? I heard of one called WiiNext or something like that.

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    Well what i did because I was afraid to do it. I looked on craigslist and I found a guy here in GA that had already modded like 12 wii's so He did mine. My wii was his first without the 3 ic legs. I am glad he did it because I would of never been able to solder that.


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