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    Help Please

    Hey All,

    I Just installed my drivekey and i seem to be havin a few problems please can some one help me

    this is what is happening
    1)i cant seem to get into the config menu for the drivekey (pressing the eject button 3 times)
    2) i can play orignal games but i tried to make a backup of zelda on DVD-r and the game shows up on the disc channel but when i try to play it all that comes up is a black screen

    please can some one help me

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    I am having the same issue with Wii Music. I was thinking it was a bad dump but not sure since I don't have anything else to test with.

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    make sure the metal pins on the ribbons are facing down on the drivekey. this happened to me and flipping the ribbons cured it.

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    it doesnt have anything to do with your ribbon, you need to update youre ios see my thread:

    hope it helps

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    i can now get into the config menu, i found out that i have to press the reset button really fast three time ...

    i am still having problems with playing some backups, i got two games from America when i made a backup of them, and try to load the game all i get is a black screen. but the PAL backups i have made work fine.

    ricerocketc wat is IOS, just got into the wii seen so i dont really know what's what !!

    by the way my firmware version is 3.3 if that helps !!

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    actually i just found out that i am on firmware version 3.4e


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