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Thread: New to homebrew, essential apps?

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    New to homebrew, essential apps?

    I homebrewed my Wii basically just for emulators, but I may aswell take full advantage of it. So what apps do you think are essential to the Homebrew experience?

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    Heres a few channels to get you going

    Animated Sega Genesis Channel

    MPlayer - AgentX Mod is a great media player, it plays xvid off dvdr/sd/usb, you'll need dvdx for this to work

    QUIT channel to turn your wii off and eject the disc when ur done....

    Any title deleter mod4
    is worth having too - the included database allows you to see what exactly os on your system, rather than just random numbers/letters.
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    Get the homebrew browser, and be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    It's an old thread but only one comes up with the search. Is this sega channel still functional or is there any better channel with no issues?

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    very very old thread lol

    digging in the grave yard lol

    thread closed
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