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Thread: BCL and Japanese games (noob sry)

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    BCL and Japanese games (noob sry)

    Hi there people,

    I want to play two games wich are Capcom vs Tatsunoko and Naruto Gekitou Taisen EX 3, but they are japanese and they appear in grayscale because of the region. In a store suggested me to buy a scart RGB cable for wii with all the 21 pins. Is that possible? if it is.. the cable "Mad Catz Wii Scart Cable" can help? My system is European.. PAL.

    I couldn't find anything in the forum, only with Gecko OS but i don't have modchip!


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    no need for a modchip or any weird stuff.
    All u need is to get the homebrew channel on your wii and then install the the necessary apps to play any region game. Here: Main Page - WiiBrew u can find all the useful tips a newbie to this stuff can ask for

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    yes and i've searched about but in this post it says that gecko os isn't a backup launcher and it needs a modchip so it appears to me an error wich is "Error: No DVD".


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