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Thread: wii needs to update game

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    wii needs to update game

    hi all, just installed a wiikey2

    games work ok, but when i tried 1 it said the wii needed to update before playing the game - so i ejected the disc as im sure i read somewhere that this is how u brick ur console?

    can any1 confirm its ok (or not) t oupdate teh game, if there's a game it may brick it then i wont bother. thansk

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    It should be safe, as long as it's from your own region.
    Though, updates can kill homebrew (which you need to get homebrew in the first place, landing you in a nice catch-22), so it's strongly recommended against.
    Get the Wiikey 2 Update/Config Combined Disc v1.2 from here: Resources :: Wiikey
    Extract it, burn it, insert it (it will be recognized as a gamecube disc), start it, use the reset button on your Wii to operate the menu (short press for select option, long press for change option)
    Change the update blocker function to block all updates regardless of region, and your games won't ask you to update anymore.

    If you wouldn't mind, could you make a dump of that update for me and send me a link for it? I need a dump of any of the firmwares 3.3u_v1, 3.3u_v2, or 3.4u for an unbricking disc I'm trying to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incraas View Post
    If you wouldn't mind, could you make a dump of that update for me and send me a link for it?

    dont know how to do that, if u could give me a run down i'll do it no probs

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    If you burned it from an ISO, you can use Wii Update Manager (WUM for short) from here: WUM Wii Update Manager
    Right click it and extract, then go into the folder and double click WiiUpdateManager.exe.
    (a settings menu will pop up, the settings don't really matter)
    Load the ISO, click "Get Info", then "Analyze Risk", and it automatically extracts the updates as part of analyzing the risk. The file is in the same folder as WiiUpdateManager.exe, and it's going to be named with a random assortment of letters and numbers.
    For filehosting, you can use RapidShare: Easy Filehosting, or Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire.

    The file could be as big as 150mb, and will take some time to upload, it's alright with me if you want to bail out at this point.

    Thanks in advance if you do, thanks in advance for considering it if you don't.

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    hi, im uploading it at the minute, should be done in around 1hr 45min. (im downloading so its a little slow), i'll send u a private message with the link..................................just incase ur not allowed to post them here


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