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    Us M fn k

    wow you know i used to really enjoy this site now im not so sure with the influx of new mods, i trade them all for Admiral victornox,i mean really do you think you have so much power being a mod does that make you special ? who cares.

    1 i post a topic about how it would be cool to maybe have a PC games section on the site in the lounge.Last i knew it said anything goes there,so i get a comment from a mod telling me i should post it in the suggestions section so do.

    2.i login today and i have some mod ive never seen before telling me i have a infaction basicly im getting crap because i did what another mod suggested i do.

    3. i go back to the post and the mods are joking about like a couple little kids so im like WTH,my first thought is grow the hell up,my second thought is im not going to take advice from the mods as far as what i post in the lounge where it states ANY THING GOES.if its not anything goes then the name is misleading

    4. i got and infraction for this ? lol THANK YOU SIR (OR IS IT CHILD)MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!! yeah i freakin pissed off

    Dear justsomeguy69,

    You have received an infraction at Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community.

    Reason: Rules Violation
    and dont make two threads in diffrent spots

    This infraction is worth 5 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    so how many points do i have left to spend ?
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    should have taken the easy 5 points, and just been quiet but nope....... TOO EASY IS IT. The reason you got the 5 point infraction was duplicate threads the 5 points would have expired in 10 days, 5 point WAS nothing but since you pmed me crying about it, Enjoy the RR and have A NICE DAY.... SIR
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