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Thread: What does the black screen erorr mean? when trying to downgrade

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    Exclamation What does the black screen erorr mean? when trying to downgrade

    I have been trying to downgrade to 3.2u from 3.4u using the EOC files and guide. I get through the first two steps: I can only open custom wm, the Wad manager just gives me the black screen.

    "+Load Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    Yes, even if you have received errors trying to install other wads this should still work.

    +Load Custom WM in Homebrew Channel and install cios_fix.wad
    You cannot install this wad with Wad Manager. This is a custom wad manager designed to work for IOS16. "

    Both of these wads installed okay, it is the next step loading IOS Downgrader or the other downgraders in the pack; I only get a black screen when installing these next steps. I am sure I have followed the guide exactly, so I am not sure what I need to do. Is there anyone else having theese issues? How did they resolve them. I have also searched for hours for an anwser and have had no luck. PLEASE HELP!

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    are u trying to downgrade a new wii ?

    i've seen similar issues over on gbatemp with a few people.

    i really hope new wii's can still be successfully softmodded, but i'm not liking what i'm hearing with these reports.

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    I think I have finally got it...I used anyregion to downgrade instead of iosdowngrader and it is finally installing apps ok. What was weird is I still got errors trying to install anyregion, but I was able to get to the config/ screen by pressing A. I still can't get starfall to install, it says to press B+2, but nothing happens. Smashing on the buttons gave me a failed and exiting screen, that froze up the wii, so that will be my next challenge. I wish it was more of a science then a guessing game, but I am gratefull to the people that create this stuff and i am sure development will improve over time.

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    good to hear man, but someone else also confirmed new wii's being unsoftmoddable.

    whats the prefix of your wii's serial number ?

    is it a LU5xxxx or LU6xxx ? or what ?

    just curious here, trying to figure some things out.


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    Backups won't play! But everything else seems to work....I will get my serial # back to you when I am back home, thanks for trying to help!

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    so the gamma loader didn't install ?

    but you downgraded to 3.2 successfully right ? or not ?

    hmm yeah get the serial man, we're all still trying to find out which wii's have this problem or whatever is going on, one theory is they changed the ios's slighty in these newer wiis or something along these lines.

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    i have the black screen problem i have try almost everiting in here my serial # begind whit lu644
    is new only few weeks old
    i have try to find help but the only help y recive here is ther is no problems you ain't fallowin the instruction correctly
    so that is no help for me i know what i am doing but no one giveme an expla.
    some one toldme to repair ios cios installing a lot of cios but don't give the file so no help.
    what we can do i am not the only one in this and i know it.
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    i have that black screen problems when i try to downgrade from 4.0 to 3.2 because i couldnt download wad files...i just wanna play zelda and stuff. plz help

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    Trouble with v3.4 via sdusb loader

    I cant seem to get the sd/usb loader to work. I have HBC, but when I insert a usb it comes up with a screen (error 4100) that says I can't load a custom IOS? Can someone please offer a step by step. I've tried several different combos of files on my sd card, and had no luck.


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