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Thread: Newest Generation Modchip: DriveKey Review

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    DriveKey Review by (modderman)

    Well we won't bore you all with all the great specs as they have been covered over and over & also in another thread here already

    What we can say is that we have installed and tested the new wii drivekey on ALL versions of known Wii Drives ( INCLUDING the D3/D2nothing) and it has performed fabulously....

    No issues what so ever from the ones we got to test>>(thanks to our and )

    These are the ones with the flat lock connectors and the X4 Diode

    You may have read that because it reads at 3x speed that it is a negative...well we have been testing and testing and there is absolutely no noticable difference in almost all load times or No play differences

    also on some of the know troublesome games like ssbb....loads no problem at all 1st time unlike some of the modchips from the generation before.

    The installation is the easiest of ALL KNOWN Wii Modchips on the market today.

    Totally solderless with built in configuration...pretty awesome.

    Our Summary... We are recommending the DriveKey in the future to all our members, new & old of our forum
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    with over 70,000 members ( growing every day by 300-500 new members)
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