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Thread: Read Error 349 using dvd's that work in other Wii's (a new twist)

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    Unhappy Read Error 349 using dvd's that work in other Wii's (a new twist)

    Greets Dudes and Dudettes..
    I got a Wii problem & my first post.... I recently put the twilight hack and gamma backup loaders on 2 of my friends wii's and mine without issue. Two were at 3.3U and mine was at 3.4 firmware level... I downgraded all to 3.2U and all three worked wonderfullly played every backup disk I tried
    Last night, another friend dropped by with his wii he as at level 3.1. I updated his to 3.2U just like all the others installed starfall & gamma loaders just like before etc....
    Problem with his is the backup disks that I have burned with imgburn at 3X which work in all the other wii's Now in his wii gives me a read error 349 . Since I know these disks work in other wii's is it possible I missed something somewhere?
    Is there some kind of fix out there? Or is it possible that his wii has an older dvd drive or something since his firmware was down level? Also when you turn it on or off the wii led on the front stays green... Newer ones turn red when off. Official games play in his Wii without problem. Any Ideas??? This is really a stumper I'm using Verbatim blanks...

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    Basically - you at 3.3 would have had some of these updated ios in that version, 3.1 did not so you need to load him up

    After installing Starfall, install the following IOS's cIOS36 rev7 or (36 rev 8 is the new one)
    IOS51 / Shop fix
    IOS38, 53, 55 (from download portion of WiiHacks)
    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

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    Thanks for your understanding

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    Thanks Dudes.... Hey heres the issue,,,, I ran title uninstaller in HB ....went into system and uninstalled I0S16,36,38,53,55,& 249.. I then ran reloaded 10S16 & IOS38 through custom wad manager in HBC. Thats what I originally installed per Big Moe and Taz installer. Then I reran Wiigators IOS installer, then installed cIOS36_rev8. Anyway after all that. I put several backups in and each one loaded and played multiple times including Pal games. I went upstairs for a few minutes came back down turn on my wii loaded a game and guess what " 349 error again". I have analog TV so I use RCA jacks. Is there a way I can get my wii back to a point where the only thing I have is the HBC and 3.2U firmware and start over. I don't see any point to unstalling the HBC since it is installed and working fine. Besides, I would have to go rent the game again... I get really confused on all the IOS stuff, & what each one does. How can the Wii drive go from reading everything I threw at it to not reading at all tring the same media I already played.. it like this system has a mind of its own. Its hard for me to believe that its a media problem cause the same disks work in my wii sometimes and others flawlessly. Any Ideas guys ??. .. How do I go back to the beginning (so to speak) of my update and just install what I need to play my backup disks??. not sure in what order the IOS need to be installed or does it matter. What IOS do I really need? Which installer do I use, Custom WM or Just WM, Custom IOS installer or not.. I'm so confused

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    no order for IOS install, but install as needed.
    or, as much as u can eat.

    forget going bk to beginning, but go for the consolidated IOS load.

    coincidently, Rossy just show this link, with an ALL_iin_One cIOS IOS pak:
    You'll require the following applications and files on your SD card (those are probaby shipped in the IOS and cIOS WAD packages):
    -CIOS36-64-v1042-rev7.wad (Waninkoko's custom IOS)
    -IOS11, IOS12, IOS 13, IOS 14, IOS 15, IOS 17, IOS 20, IOS 21, IOS 22, IOS 28, IOS 30, IOS 31, IOS 33, IOS 34, IOS 35, IOS 36, IOS 37, IOS 38, IOS 53, IOS 55, IOS 9 (failed installing in the video)
    ref: Success to change korea wii's region to Usa'region -

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    i have done 2 wii's with the hbc and backup channel...mine which i got nearly when the wii's first came out, and my sisters which she got for her daughter around this christmas. When i put my backups made with certain media(memorex) they dont work in hers at all(disc error).. but they work just fine in mine and a friend of mines wii's! so maybe at some point nintendo changed the dvd drives inside the wii is all i can guess!

    btw both have 3.2u and i installed the exact same things on both!

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    Thanks Dudes.... Not sure what to do now?.... Where is this All_in_one cIOS pack?? Do I uninstall stuff first???

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    I found this info and followed it. Seemed to fix my problem for now.. The only thing I did different was I first opened HBC anytitle deleter and deleted IOS249 Only 249 no other before I started.... The uses DJTAZ backup installer
    "dvd read error 349" SOLVED


    Hey Guys, I was finally able to solve this issue when trying to load back up games. Honestly, after much contemplation, I just re-installed the following (and only the following), in the following order: (taken from DJ TAZ's original post)
    9. Load 6. Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    10. Load A. Custom WM in Homebrew Channel and install cios_fix.wad
    11. Load B. IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel. Just follow any prompts until it tells you it is complete.
    12. Load C. cIOS Downgrader in Homebrew channel MAKING SURE you PICK YOUR CORRECT REGION
    3.2U = USA/Canada, 3.2E = Europe, 3.2J = Japan ... you should then be on version 3.2 once completed

    1. In the homebrew channel select cIOS Installer and install that - all files required are also in the zip so it should be quick (Thanks WiiGator)
    - If you have any issues installing things like WADS after this - go to the SD card , into apps folder and rename cIOS36_rev7-Installer.dol to boot.dol in the cIOS folder.
    3. Test your game by going to 2. Backup Launcher and make sure it loads properly

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    hi im new to all this stiff and i need a little help

    I gt 30 odd wii games from my friend the other day for my wii. I have a 3.3E and i have rev 8 with both wiigator and another one called gamma??? fix.
    Anyway, i have copied many games and have all been working but i have copied smackdown vs raw and unfortunately i get a "dvd error 349"

    I have tried my friends copy and it works fine so i no it is not bad media.

    Could it be because im not using good quality discs?(i have used the same brand for all the other games and they work fine)

    WHAT IS GOING ON???? (thanks in advance )

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    Not sure of your problem....Have you been burnng with Imgburn at 3X or less speed?? Now when I get a 349 error its the media......

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    were u at 8x or higher when copying ur friend's disc ?
    slow down a little bit...... wouldn't u?

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