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Thread: The Tri-Wing Screwdriver

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    The Tri-Wing Screwdriver

    I purchased a modchip, after reading some posts and watching the video of someone opening the wii, it seemed simple enough. When the modchip arrived, I couldn't get the case open because I didn't have the stupid tri-wing screwdriver and my local Ace rtardware doesn't carry them either. So now I have to wait another week or whatever for this screwdriver to arrive so I can crack this bitch open.

    I just figured I'd make a post giving some more attention to this integral part of the modding process.

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    that's funny most websites you buy a chip from let you know you need it as they try to sell it to you.

    I ordered my ModChip and Case and ended up getting a phillips screw driver and triwing screw driver free. I did not know about it. I also ordered a triwing from ebay so I got an extra now. Oh well you know


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