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Thread: Buy or rent Zelda?

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    Buy or rent Zelda?

    I want to try to do the Twilight Hack, I already have the sd card, my question is, can I do it with the Zelda game that I just rented from the Bl@@ckB@@ster or do I need to buy a new game?Any answer will be appreciated. Thank You.

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    Yes u need a retail copy of the game. wiether it is rented or bought it
    that's up two u.
    A burn't copy will not work because your wii is not modded so it will not read it.

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    rent, you only "need" it once

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    you only need it once for brew, but it's worth buying not only for homebrew options but it is a quality game

    and blockbuster don't rent wii games (or ones round me don't, uk)

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    Blockbusters in canada rents wii games.
    Go two a buy or sell, pawn shop, eb games or anywhere they sell used games.
    I bought mine use for 20.00 cad at a pawn shop

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    hi guys am only starting out can some one tell me how to hack my wii the zelda way??????

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    Your getting an infraction for being stupid. Seriosuly? Why would you ask that, are you seriously not able to look around?


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