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Thread: Wasabi Zero or FlatMii

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    Wasabi Zero or FlatMii

    what should i get? i want a soderless option.
    stupid wii has 3.4 on it..

    All i care about is playing a few games., i probably spend 4 hrs a month on the wii....

    and oh., i dont mind connecting my laptop to load the iso for flatmii..

    i also dont mind burning the dvd's....

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    Wasabi has great reviews all around for their other products, I can't imagine the DX would be a letdown. Also I thought when I checked the FlatMii there were a few features that it didn't support that I wanted (I seem to remember slower drive speed than Wasabi being the glaring thing)

    Wasabi Zero with the clip was a good solderless option for me, but a lot of places seem to be out of those (it's still pretty new) but the DX just came out and has shipped a lot of places so you might be able to find it easier. Some drives won't support the wasabi zero I think, depends on how new your wii is.

    You can install homebrew channel on 3.4s now and then downgrade your wii system menu if you want too, without even needing a modchip. just check this out

    Hope that helps
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    if i could say, chip-mod loads much much faster than soft-mod.
    4some1 who spend 4hrs a month on wii, go soldering chip-mod. less unexpected trouble and much fun whenever u want to play.

    8~9 soldering wires provide u a mature and reliable service at all time !
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    thanks for the replies!

    im not that concerned with load speed...

    i would do a clip rather than soldering ., the only reason for me looking at the flatmii was to get over the actual "burn to disk" requirement for loading stuff on the wii..

    i hate that the wii wont play dvd's out of the box., i was a moron., the day i got it i did a system update and got it into 3.4., purchased it over the new year, so its not that new.,

    if u are refering to the twilight hack to get 3.4 with homebrew, then the last time i checked it was just a temp load? you loose the changes when you shut it off

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    playing dvd on wii will cost nothing more than shortening it's life.


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