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Thread: Super nintendo emu rom disc

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    Super nintendo emu rom disc

    Hi, i got a super nintendo emulation + 804 games disc from torrent site and was woundering if anyone else has this and got it working? It brings up a gamecube screen with a couple options like main menu and boot dvd ....but i can't get anything to respond with the wiimote, do i need a super nintendo controller or a gamecube controller ?

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    a GC controller

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    Same question, except I have a gc controller, I highlight " boot dvd" and get a screen with the 5 different game type choices, the only buton thst seems to work at this point on the GC controller is the start button, which gives choices like press Y for NTSC, but when I do the screen goes green and freezes

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    How do you even get this to load? Do you have to copy the DVD to an SD?

    I see there are a handful of .DOL files in the Apps folder (which I put on an SD), but when I try to run any of them from HBC, they all say "This is not a valid Wii File" or something very similar. USB Loader says it cannot read the disk.

    I am at 4.0 and have HBC, Wad Manager 1.4, and USB Loader 1.1 but no mod-chip.


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