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Thread: Help with modchips

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    Help with modchips

    im looking to get my wii modded by the wiikey but only question is that i dont understand what some of the words mean on this site. whats a pal game and what does it mean by bricking/semi brick

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    Pal is simply a format or Language of code the game is written in as DVD's are written in different languages so someone does not buy the Movie or Game in europe and bring it to america.

    We in America use NTSC, you do not want a pal game. By using a PAL game you risk damaging an american system because the game was not created for the US System.

    Bricking is when you do use the game and it downloads a firmware update automaticaly. When it downloads the firmware it will mess your system up because it's in a forien langage. In other terms your system is as good as a brick then.


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