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    Hi there

    Quick introduction: I'm somewhat of a veteran, having started on the c64 (which I used mainly to code demos on), and further having owned Amigas, a SNES, Playstation One (twice), Xbox (still use it as a mediaplayer), a PS3 and ofcourse a Wii.

    I'm one of those people that are actually not very good @ playing games, but still want to be able to play them, hence I hack my consoles into submission

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    welcome, enjoy

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    Welcome to WiiHacks!
    I've only owned almost every American Nintendo Console except for a Virtual Boy (for obvious reasons), Their Plug and Play TV consoles (old as h---), and the original Gameboy.

    I've never owned a Playstation or Xbox, but now I wish I had A PS 3...
    YES! I finally finished my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port for Mac! I'm so happy


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