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Thread: mega newb here...

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    mega newb here...

    So i've gotten a modded wii w/ wiikey 1 i believe for a while, but i had someone mod it for me, so i don't really know the ins and outs of this whole modding deal. Recently i came across a couple of games i want to play, but came across several problems. I was wondering if any one can just help fill me in on what things i need to fix these problems and what are the newest upgrades and programs i need to get all the newer games running. I also hear about all these different programs like gecko and others. Anyone care to fill me in?

    One of the problems i got is with rock band 2. It loads perfectly, but a message pops up saying, this wii update could mess up your system if you have unauthorized modifications to your wii. I heard that you could some how skip the update, but how so?

    Another game i have trouble with recently is house of the deadverkill. Everything up to the main loading screen works fine (the one with the picture of your game's main screen, and two buttons on the bottom: "wii menu" & "start"), but after i selected start, the whole screen just goes completely black. How do i get this freak'n game to work?

    O, also i believe i have gotten the wiikey 1.9x upgrade, cause my friend told me to get so i can get smash bros to work. (care to explain the heck what the upgrade is for as well?) Any and all help is most appreciated.

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    Problem one with rock band 2. They just say that to scare you and you are safe to upgrade. If you have 3.2U and are running Homebrew then you can install some custom IOS that will get you past this. If you don't care about homebrew then just upgrade from the disc (make sure it is from your own region). You will be fine and they won't blow up your wii because it has a mod chip in it.

    Problem two with the black screen can happen for several reasons. I would say that it has more to do with the ISO that you downloaded then anything. It could be an out of region game and the black screen is blocking the update. It could be a bad burn but I don't think it has anything to do with the game. Download a different version of the game and make sure it is from your region. Should work.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade to 1.9 again just incase you aren't there. visit the wiikey website and update.

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    thanks a bunch,where do i find out what region is my wii from?

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    check ur wii version at wii setting menu 1 at the top right hand corner... if is 3.2U mean is usa region, if is 3.2E is pal version...
    must is to install homebrew channel and use any region changer to see wat setting u are at

    There is absolutely NO reason to install Homebrew to check you Wii version
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