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Thread: Hello Community!!!

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    Smile Hello Community!!!

    Hello all.

    Long time programmer, and security professional. I believe in, and support free software (not stealing software, but freedom in software) such as opensource, and free ware. I have unlocked my iPhone, Wii, and many other products. The Wii was probably the most nerve racking, because it is such a closed system, it could be difficult to recover from a brick. I greatly dislike DRM as it only protects the ignorant from excercising their legal right to make backups, while doing nothing to stop piracy. So if unlocking a system means I can remove the DRM features, to be able to backup my stuff, I'm all for it.

    I have already lost programs to scratches that won't buff out, and so long as the manufacturers force me to buy new disks, I will continue to unlock my devices to protect my investment.

    I'm glad I was able to find such a good forum. Glad to be a member!


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    welcome, read some rules and regulatios and enjoy


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