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Thread: New to nintendo

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    New to nintendo

    Hi all,
    well I decided to buy a Wii, if I can ever find one in stock, I already ordered a Wiikey for it. Currently My only gaming system is a PSP running Custom Firmware. I may end up buying a PS3 again too, gave (sold actually) my first one to my Dad as he wanted a Blu Ray player last year. I originally was not interested in the Wii but some new games coming out look fun to play with the Wii-mote such as Lego Star Wars and Manhunt.
    I like the idea of being able to run backups with a toddler who knows how to operate the remote controls and open the dvd player.
    I have played emulated GBA and N64 games on my PSP though in the past was not really impressed my many of their game choices. however the PS3 is sure lagging in the game choice area at the moment so if i find a wii I ll play that for a while at least
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    welcome to the forum!!!

    Hope you get a wii soon!


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