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Thread: What's the best MOD CHIP to use???

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    Ca What's the best MOD CHIP to use???

    Hey everyone I'm thinking of modding my Wii and just want to know what the best modchip to use would be. I'm thinking of getting a drivekey cause its just way easy, but after reading some of the post in the drivekey forum i'm not as sure (still the front runner). Just looking for some outside opinions or if there is a post on this already please point me in the right direction.

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    Well if you dont think you can solder onto a circuit board, get the drivekey.

    I think clips are a waste of time, as they can be troublesome. causeing you to open your console more than once.

    Get the one thats best for you.

    I would suggest the wiikey 2 because it works with most everything and its very affordable.

    But thats my personal opinion, yea dig?

    good luck man

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    woops double post. sorry

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    I recently installed a drivekey in one of my friends wii's and everything went extremely smooth, it took about 10 min to get it installed and the wii put back together and he hasn't had a single problem with it so i would say defiantly go with i drivekey

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    When you play games with a Drivekey, the disc read speed is only 3x, doubling all load times. It also has sufficiently less features than other modchips, but makes up for it with ease of use and compatibility.

    Wiikey2 is harder, but better and cheaper, Drivekey is easier, less things could go wrong, but more expensive.
    Take your pick.

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    wiikey2 is working awesome here. easy to install. only problem i had was the black expoy

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    its like asking

    Whats the best car to buy?

    Some will say sports cars, some will say wagons, etc

    It really is each to their own, Read the forums and look at the amount of threads on each type, There seems to be alot of drivekey "fail" threads atm So maybe that may tell you something

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