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Thread: can I install HBC without Zelda game?

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    can I install HBC without Zelda game?

    My wii is currently at 3.1, what is the best way to upgrade this to 3.2? Also I see that I can do this using HBC but I don't have the Zelda Twilight Princess game, can I accomplish this without the game?
    I am running on wiikey v1 having firmware 1.9s, TIA.

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    I have not heard of a way to do it without Zelda.

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    you can with 3.1 and a modchip use LINK

    just use your region download, it's an old version but you should be prompted to upgrade

    burn it to dvd and happy homebrewing

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    Well, I now know of a way.

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    As of right now, I AM BANNED!
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    BANNERBOMB not ----------------

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