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Thread: MLB 2k9 #002 error

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    MLB 2k9 #002 error

    I've been playing backups for awhile but when i tried to play MLB 2k9 it gave me a #002 error... Is this a new one or what? I'm really confused by it. But I just remembered that you patch the GAME for the fix... Sorry it had been awhile since I did that for NFSUC. now if i could only find that patcher......

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    Try search box !!

    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    Or try the gamma launcer with the oo2 fix

    works good on gamma oo2 fix for me also from the disc channel with softmii

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossy View Post
    Try search box !!

    Sorry, that was my weak attempt at some humor.... I'll try not to post anymore..........

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    I have the same problem but am using a d2ckey, fw 3.2u. I brickblocked the game, but i believe it is a pal game, and i didn't regionfrii it. I do have the gamma loader but I have never needed it as all my backups up to this point have worked like regular discs. Is there any known problem with this game on a d2ckey? I would rather not use soft mod if I don't have to. Also, burned using imgburn at 4X on dvd -r.

    Any suggestions, please let me know.

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    To get MLB 2k9 to work, use a brickblocked copy of the game, and use WAD manager from the Homebrew channel to install IOS53-64-v4113.

    The second post at the above thread has the IOS53 download

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    I use the Legend of Gamma launcher, with 002 fix built in, it auto forces ntsc, but it works with all the games that have 002 problem. find it on demonoid

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