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Thread: Old Modder in need of HELP!

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    Old Modder in need of HELP!

    OK, so i modded my wii way back during launch and kept up to date with everything. It was a wiikey, and also did my friends no problems. I was still around during the time of wiifrii/regionfrii and brickblocker apps and all that stuff. Since then stopped reading up and it all and i've fallen way behind.

    ANYWAY, i was asked if i could mod my nephews wii. It was a launch wii, so nice and easy i thought, got myself a cheap wiikey and installed perfect. However, recognising the update/config discs as GC discs, it failed to boot them. After some reading i realised their FW is 3.3E. Not good i've discovered.

    Some great guides on here, and i've followed everything but am seriously stuck. I know i need a GCOS boot disc, allowing me to run the config disc for the chip, but all the links i found are dead or no longer working. Also i read the problems with 3.3E, and luckily for me i installed them the homebrew channel a while back. I read about the IOS51 / Shop Channel fix, but what is it? All i can find is that, but no guide how to!

    I have read all over the place and no luck so hopefully someone can help me getting the wiikey to read a config disc or point me in the direction of the right links to the disc downloads. Thanks everyone and sorry for the long post!

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    IOS51 /Shop Channel Fix is to allow u accessing the channel in full functin without the concern of 3.3/3.4E block fake signs.

    Google wiikey 1.9g update and config disc 1.4. u'll hv fun.


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