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Thread: what is the most strategic game??

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    Ca what is the most strategic game??

    what is the most strategic game out for the wii rite now and the most stragetic game coming out???

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    What do you mean by strategic?

    Like a zeldaish game?

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    Do you mean a RTS-style game?
    Dunno if there are any...

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    Battalion wars 2 is what you want and its online and you can play coop.
    I cant wait but i am unsure when it will b released.

    check the pics and vids out-
    IGN: Battalion Wars 2

    I have heard a rumour that command and conquer 3 maybe coming to the wii. lets hope so.

    i would like to see a version of company of heroes for the wii but i doubt that will happen (come on THQ you can do it!)

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    The new Fire Emblem game when it eventually comes out will require strategy.

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    i think rite now prince of persia rival swords is a thinking and strategic game


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