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Thread: Wii scrubbed Games burn

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    Wii scrubbed Games burn

    Hi...i'm new to this wii world..i just bought mine 3 weeks back..i have a mod chips..i just downloaded nfs was a scrubbed one...
    I use wiiscrubber 1.3 to load the iso
    extract the main.idol to generic patcher and patch it
    replace the main.idol back to the iso
    remover the update partition(delete)
    then scrub that new image and burn it..

    OUtcome: wii load the dvd only for 2 mins..i see the menu to start the game or go back to menu then when i select start the game my wii screen appear..i can remove the dvd but it still remain freeze..nothing i have to switch it off .

    Now i just discovered the brick i want to try it again..

    Can someone please help me burn my game...

    What exactly i should do?? use brcikblocker or scrubber or both??


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    dont use scrubber at all. just unpack it, patch it with ios patcher then brickblocker.

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    ok will try this..thnx

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    The nfs games still not working so i give up...
    now i downloaded mario is scrubbed...

    i have mod chips and version 3.1u

    can some1 guide me step by step how to burn it and remove the update....


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    mario kart also most likely needs to run an update if you have have firmware version 3.1 otherwise it wont run.

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    If you bought it 3 weeks ago chances are it's version is 3.4 and I do not believe you can use "scrubbed" games on 3.4

    Look for a download sized at 4.7Gb
    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    Thanks for your understanding

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    i have a mod chip and i checked i have firmware version 3.1u..i downloaded tomb raider scrubbed..working fine...mario kart also was fine but now the dvd is not loading anymore...
    if i download a pal scrubbed games will it be easily converted to ntsc japan with brickblocker only?


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