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Thread: new burned games not working, problem with update

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    new burned games not working, problem with update

    My D2C NTSC-U Wii has a d2pro9 v2 installed on a wii clip. It has been running fine for several months but now I have problems. I can't play any new backup games now. I can use all the ones I had previously burned, even some on dvd+r, but every game I burn now does not work. I tried with resident evil 4 (made 3 copies, 1 sony -r, 2 memorex -r, at different speeds), with zelda, with the simpsons game and also with the utility disc 1.7 from d2pro. I even tried with the fix disc from bushing.

    I also updated the system while playing top spin 3 PAL. That must have bricked my wii, right? I CAN access the settings menu so I don't know if its bricked.

    My firmware is 3.4U. When I play any new backup I hear some strange sounds, like "tic, tic, tic" and then the screen goes black with the message that reads "an error has occured. please eject the disc and turn off the wii...". Do I need to update the d2pro9 firmware? I need the d2prog? I tried with the utility disc and it doesn't work.

    Does anybody have any idea of what my problem is?
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    Odd because ive been having the same problem, anyone know why?

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    the problem is the burner, at least it was for me. I tried with another one and everything works perfect. try that.

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    Im using imgburner, which works most of the time for all my games o_O

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    Im having the exact same problem mate. All the new games I burn are not working. Though the utility disc 1.7 is. Keep us up dated if you find a solution.

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    i have d2prov2 1.7 and everything is fine for me. i use lite on burners most of the time 8x speed and also use asus burner and just burned new final fantasy and it plays fine. try different burner. about one out of 20 dont play for me for some reason

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