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Thread: Dumping backups

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    Dumping backups

    I have installed DVD dumper V1.2 on my 3.2U system. When I try to load it. it automatically installs 249 then tells me its pi address. and is listening for responce. I open internet explorer and type in ip address of wii. as soon as I enter it, it says can't display page and we saays it connected comunicated then closed. I am running Windows Vista home. Is there a setting I need to set on my pc to make it happen. Thanks

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    ie firefox and chome dont work correctly for me either oprea does though and dvd dumper doesnt either but wiihttp does and work prefect every time now

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    Did you put Http in front of the Ip adress?

    What version of IE are you using?


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    OK, cannot vouch for behavior of Vista, but here's what I did in IE 7, based on instructions found elsewhere:
    1) Run DVD Dumper app through method of your choice
    2) Download WGET. From here Wget for Windows , or from location of your choice. This is freeware, don't be alarmed.
    3) Install package from above
    4) Open Explorer window to C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin , noting that "Wget.exe" is present here.
    5) Create Command Prompt shortcut here.
    6) RIGHT CLICK Command Prompt, select "Properties"
    7) [Not sure what Vista will do here, but...] In "Start In" space, type "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin". Hit OK to save.
    8) Double click Command Prompt, black DOS window should appear, with your newly-input "Start In" location showing..
    9) CHECK YOUR WINDOWS FIREWALL at this point....if IE is giving you "Cannot display" errors at this point INSTEAD of showing you the links to "Click here to download XXXX.ISO" and "Click here to restart the Wii", you're prolly having firewall issues. If you DO see the links, the WGET process works (I was getting "Cannot display page" errors after clicking on link in IE7) If you DO see the "DL whatever ISO" and "Restart Wii" links, proceed to 10). DO NOT CLICK the 'Click here to download XXXX.ISO' link, we're going to use WGET to accomplish this..
    10) Note the four-letter code of whatever the "XXXX.iso" link is in your IE window. WAY easier to read on your computer screen than it is on the TV.
    11) Back at Command Prompt, type "wget [whatever IP address]/XXXX.iso", hit enter.
    12) Should work fine from there...DON'T forget the "/" or it won't resolve what you're trying to fetch.
    13) When finished [this process will take 2.75 - 3 HOURS, it's actually quicker to DOWNLOAD from wherever for archiving purposes], hit the "Restart the Wii" link in IE window, enjoy whatever you've manually ripped. [I've used this process for getting reissues of Zelda, Wii Sports and Link's Crossbow, which the scene doesn't seem much interested in releasing (although Diplo did Wii Sports v2)]


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