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Thread: Backup Won't Get Past Safety Screen??????

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    Backup Won't Get Past Safety Screen??????

    Hey Everyone,

    New Here on this forum, been using Afterdawn, but could not get my Wii questions answered, thought I would try this.

    My Wii is 3.4, with Homebrew channel and Gator backup launcher. I use Imgburn & Nero Express at 4x on Sony DVD-R.

    Everything installed just fine, I burn the game, put it in the Wii, run through the launcher, says its loading game, Then it gets to the screen that shows the hand holding the remote and in the upper right hand corner, showing you need enough space around you and....... That is far as it goes. I then have to power off and power on to start over. I do not know what I am missing, except the new pile of DVD's I started with three weeks ago.
    Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated, before I go back to my PS2.

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    Could be the game happens to me sometimes plus not all games work with gamma . Is this happening on all games ?

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    Try using another ISO i think that happened to me when I tried GH WT once when it was 93% Complete and I burnt the ISO. LOL

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    So far, Summer Sports, winter Sports and Deca Sports, maybe need to quit sports

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    Or maybe you just need a ModChip installed so you wont have this annoying issue

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    Well i found out it was just the game.I got a few new ones , tried those and they worked fine. it was a matter of trial and error, finding a game that worked to determine whether it was the install on the Wii or the backup process. But its all good now.

    Thanks for all the replies!!!


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