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Thread: Drive Key Performance

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    Drive Key Performance


    Just would like to know everyone's experience with the drivekey.

    Myself, no problems installing extremely easy.

    Games take a little longer to load.
    Have had some slow down.

    using vert dvd -r at 4 speed.

    Do u think it will run better at 2 speed.

    Would be interesting to see everyone's results.

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    the speed you burn at will have only a little effect on how it plays in the wii. but you can only try.

    bottom line the drivekey only loads back-ups at 3x speed unlike some other chips or originals which load at 6x

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    I'm pretty happy with mine it's running backups and retails with no issues, load times aren't a big deal it's a wii right? Speed isn't so hot on the wii anyhow, overall I'd say thumbs up great mod solution
    i burn at 18x on blindwrite using dvd -r's never had a issue even while i was running a wiikey 2 and +r's, the drivekey didn't load any +r at all however

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    Now that Ive got it figured out, Im VERY happy with my dK. Some slow loads and some slowdowns in games, but hey the games are free now anyways

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    Dumb newbie question....

    Whats the point of a mod chip or drivekey or anything with the twilight hack...... What am I missing?



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