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Thread: Wii system update in games

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    Wii system update in games

    I recently purchased Wii having version 3.4 U. Than I installed the mod chip with the game dealers. I do not know about the type of chip they installed.
    Now after that I can play many pirated Wii games which are available cheaply but when i inserted some games it show Wii System Update. (It is not the case in all games). Some games shows this message.

    Can anybody help me to reply shall i update it. If so, will it effect my modchip modification.

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    watch out! at loading those games prompted "Wii System update" may be those out-of-region (ie. PAL or Jap); not of USA version.
    some mod-chips (e.g. wiikey2) have "block update" feature, pretecting u fm semi-brick when loaded out-of-region games. newly purchased wii might hv been installed with wiikey2; yet, i suggest for u to identify what chip has been installed into urs.

    back to ur question: shall i update it ? ... i don't hv an firm answer to u based on limited info.

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    Thank for your feedback.

    It means till I did not get firm answer, it would be better not to update it.
    Now how can I check before purchasing game that which region is it for.
    Because here, in all pirated games they have printed original cover and they say It is for USA region.

    One more question, these pirated games are on CD or DVD.

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    They are on DVD. And to skip Disk Updates I recommend using the Starfall app on Homebrew Channel.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    But It raised one more question. I searched the net and found that homebrew channel can not be installed by copy DVD (ISO method) on version 3.4 having mod chip.

    They mentioned, you have to downgrade to 3.2 and then install homebrew channel.

    Will it be good to downgrade to version 3.2, what features I currently having will be lost and can you direct me the complete guide for downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2 and then install homebrew channel.

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    Install Homebrew via the Twilight Hack and follow the guide. You can thank the poster

    Not really sure if it is different using a Mod -chip cause I installed Homebrew with the twilight hack then downgraded using that guide without a mod - chip

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    Did not get you....
    They clearly said that HBC can be installed with twilight hack if you do not have mod chip. If you have mod chip you need to go through ISO process.

    The Homebrew Channel

    Drivechips mentioned here means mod chip. Am I right.
    I think in my case, twilight hack will not work as I already have mod chip installed.

    Could you clarify.

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    1. Open ImgBurn ( the dvd-r burning program) --> write --> disc --> sector ...
    in the top fews lines of the hex code table, the game title and region code is shown.
    ie. J=japan, E/P=europe, U=usa, K=Korean,
    eg. Mario_Kart_nstc japan is RMCJ01
    Dance Dance Rev Hottest Party_pal europe is RD4EA4

    2. without a mod-chip, authentic disc of Zelda_TP be needed for hbc installation. certainly, apply the TP_hack, and install cIOS as required.

    3. Drivechips = mod chip. u're right.
    while u've modchip installed, it's much easier to get hbc, Gecko and BkUp_Gamma,....installed.

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    Hi Billyhome,

    You mentioned that with mod chip it is easy to install HBC but my original question is still unanswered.

    I have mod chip and Wii having version 3.4 U. How can I install HBC. Do I need to downgrade the version to 3.2 and than install or I can install on 3.4 as well.

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    Well I don't have a mod chip but I do have hbc install with backup loader gecko os . For some reason I can't downgrade at all . Having said that some games such as wii sport will ask to Update the system (by the way Im on 3.4u ) even after playing the game many times . I think thats its a timer thing . well what I do is say ok but I disconnect my internet wireless first so it cant connect and I know its on 3.4u already so it cant install any update via internet takes 30 seconds and play the game .

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