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Thread: WIIKEY 2 Loading Issue

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    Talking WIIKEY 2 Loading Issue

    I have a WII KEY 2 and I have confg. disk 1.2 and i am able to use. When I open the WII I get a red blue red blue and then when I put a game in it flashes blue then nothing. I put in a gamecube game and it works fine. When I put in WII some of my WII games it comes up on the menu screen and when I push start it starts to load and then freezes. ANYONE help I am lost on this.
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    Probably media issue. Have you tried different media? Try that first and then try different speeds and post back.

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    see ur wii version izzit at 3.2.. and ios fixed... when power on the wii u shld heard the drive spinning and stop with wiikey2 blue and red light blink left and right 2 times... this show normal working conditions

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    Thank You

    I have played around with the burn speed and have found that 2x is working. Thank you so much. I am using an external Sony burner with Sony DVD-r if anyone is wondering.


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