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Thread: Bleach: Versus Crusade and Wifi with Ocarina

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    Bleach: Versus Crusade and Wifi with Ocarina

    And before any flaming starts, I don't intend to use this online with other people, just to mess with my friend xD

    Soo, when trying out the "infinite health", or "Max points on first hit" hack using ocarina, it doesn't let you connect to wifi, while trying to it displays a big red error in japanese, this only happens with the codes active.

    Is there a way around this? If you don't know, than thank you anyway for your time.

    Heres some specs even thought I doubt it will help.

    Version 3.2U
    Wiikey 2 w/ wiiclip v14
    Homebrew Channel (latest I think)
    Gamma Loader with 002 fix (and ocarina) (I'm a hybrid :3)
    Stable Internet Connection ()

    And I think thats pretty much it.

    So can anyone help?

    I've tried searching with google an the search feature on this website, but no results :|.
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    Quick bump & final bump (bumps are allowed, right?)

    If no on answers, I guess I'll let this die :[


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