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    Cool Noob Help

    Hi, total noob to mod'ing, bought a wii around christmas and have been frustrated with the lack of games coming out, so was looking to modchip it.

    After some useful threads on this forum it looks like the WiiKey seems the best chip. But before I go dropping solder all over motherboard, I just wanted to know a couple of points.

    1.downloading backup games, I have found some useful links to torrents and iso sites with wii games, is it really just as simple as downloading and burning these games?

    2. What is ppf o matic, where do I get it and what do I do with it

    Sorry if these are stupid questions!


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    1) d/ling and burning wii games is pretty simple, at first i d/led a few games, but it kept saying that the data was scrambled, so after searching around a bit, i found out that you can apparently only use nero and ImgBurn, i use imgburn and both cube and wii games are working as intended, hell, i'm so glad strikers works online even after the guy who installed it for me said it wouldn't work

    2) not sure what you're asking, never heard of it


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