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Thread: gamma loader ntsc/pal questions

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    gamma loader ntsc/pal questions

    I'm trying to play backups through the gamma. My ntsc backups work fine. Using pal version of wii music, and the display is cut off on the bottom. Not a whole lot, bout 2-3 inches. Is there any setting I need to change in the gamma loader or possibly my tv? Running gamma with all default settings, have had no problems with it so far. Also have starfall with the region free stuff installed. It is the first pal game I've tried, so it may just be the one game.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Try in Gamme: Force NTSC or PAL60
    or use compoment connection = Problems solve

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    Finally bought a component cable. Now I can play those 20+ games that have been waiting for me. Thanks for your response.
    This does draw another question though.
    Why can't next gen systems come with all necessary cords to be hi-def. Got roped into this bs with my ps3 as well. Bought the cheaper ps3, so I had to buy the hdmi cable.

    I really get tired of this prepackaged sub-standard definition shit.

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    The Wi might have next gen controllers, but not the graphics. It is optimized to 4:3 480i. I brought myself a compoment to VGA box (cheap) and most pal game won't work with it. But the picture of NTSC game is so much better on it.


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