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Thread: mlb 2k9

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    mlb 2k9

    Anyone have any luck running this, If so how? thanks all you guys. This place and ya'll are awesome

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    No luck for me yet, I ran a brick blocker on it, and got the wii to read the disc, but it would not load. I'm assuming we will need to manually install a CIOS update as was required to play Animal Crossing, just not sure which yet.

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    same here. it reads the wii disk but black screen after that. too bad.

    update: it is working with one of the ios updates. can't say which. I just installed the HBC last night so everything is scattered around. but it is possible. I'm playing now
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    Add sonic and the black night to the list. same error for it

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    anybody tried to patch it with ios patcher i dont know which ios it runs on but try set it to 249 if you are using backup launcher.

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    I tried both sonic and mlb on ios 249. No Go.

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    MLB 2k6

    Worked fine on my NTSC-U running Gamma v.03 with error #002 fix and iso 37 38 53 55. Hope it works for u guys also!

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    Could you link to files 37,38,53,55 and the 002 fix and how to install the fix. Thanks

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    Thanks man I figured it out. both mlb and sonic work with gamma loader and th 002 fix

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    Can anyone post a tutorial on how to fix it? Do I just update Gamma Launcher via IOS downgrader?

    Sorry, n00b here.

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