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Thread: Xbox 360 questions

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    Xbox 360 questions

    i had a dream were i bought & xbox 360, so i intrested in buying one now i hear these thingg break from overheating & such is that true? & do you need to buy a bunch of other equipment & install it in or on the system? appreciate help on this p.s. i dont plan on hacking it

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    Overheat of Xbox360 is a major problem indeed, but I heard that the new consoles does not overheat like the old one.
    I have the old one, after 1,5 year overheated and the famous red lights of death showned up, in youtube its a guide that you can fix that, I did it and now everything works fine.

    p.s Btw I firmwired mine and I didnt have any problem at all ( a ban only from Xboxlive .


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