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Thread: 3 days and im still at square 1

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    Us 3 days and im still at square 1

    WIIKEY2 AND im 99% sure it is fine---my chipset is GC2-D2E,i am starting to think that it is the games--but no i dont know anyone else to test them with---does it matter that my wii is a 3.4 version--i read that some have to downgrade and also does the game have to be exactly 4,699,979,776kbs--i also read that somewere---but i am getting confused on weather they are talking about the homebrew stuff or the modchip stuff?---thanks

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    Your chip will work on 3.4 so it should have nothing to do with that. Make sure your games are the correct size (I have not came across a download that was not --> assuming you choose the big one).

    What are you using for discs and what speed are you burning at? try a few different speeds to see if you get better results.

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    thanks--i can then rule that out--i now really believe it is the downloaded game--i have burnt it at 6,8,2,1--with sony+ and sony-,i cant find any verbatim yet--but my config disc was burnt on the same and it booted---it looks like it would at least try something with these disc ---i think it has to be the downloaded file of resident evil---but cant confirm and it took 3 days to download it---anyone got a for sure working image that i can download from or know were a for sure working one is---this has become way to hard and confusing than it should be---i just know that it is something simple like not having a good download--but i just cant be for sure at this point---thanks

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    If your config disc booted then the mod chip is fine. It could be your discs or the download. Try a different back up and you should be good to go. If not then newer media should be your answer

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    THANKS BIG TIME---i at least feel that i am now getting very close ---you dont happen to have a good image i could get off of you--or is that against the rules---thanks

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    as u're at 3.4u, be noted that 3.4u blocks fake signed games. that means u must, and only playable, to have those 1:1 downloaded iso -- no patch, no scrubber !

    after download, u unzip it with WinRAR on WinXP. u'll find the iso file size as 4,589,824KB. Taking imgBurn to burn the dvd-r, u'll read 4,699,979,776 bytes. File Sector 2,294,912 (mode 1/2048). ..... all these confirm u've a complete 1:1 iso !!!!!!!!


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    got a burner ordered aand i am downloading somemore now--but thanks that is the answer that i was looking for for 4 days now after slowly ruling everything else out---we will soon see on that when i get an exact copy---but can i do a downgrade too and make it play ones that are not exactly that?---thanks

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    You say it boots the config disc, Does it boot it EVERY time you put it in? When I first got my chip installed, I had some crappy media, Burnt the config disc, and it read 1st time, after that it wouldn't read it out of 20 tries....

    After getting good medium, it worked fine, and yes at that stage I did have 3.4 also when I was doing it.


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