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Thread: Wii won't recognize any games

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    Wii won't recognize any games

    I have a Wii with the black Epoxy and have used a hot air gun to remove the Epoxy from the points I need to connect my Wasabi chip.

    This went well, however before proceeding with the soldering of my Wasabi I thought I should try the Wii to make sure that it still works.

    It boots up fine but when I install any game the drive is a little louder than normal and will not recignize any game.

    Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem? Could it be that I applied to much heat while trying to remove Epoxy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Maybe post some pics so our more experienced modders can help you out.

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    u must verify Wii with authentic game disc.
    the drive is a little louder than normal -- may be the screws (of dvd-rom) were overtigthened. u could verify Wii by placing the dvd-rom in position without screw mount.
    any error code, when unread happens ? what's that ?
    overheat (normal hotgun) is not able to melt solder [melt point 280 degree c]. the dvd-rom makes noise, so, it's alive. yet, suggest u to closely check for broken etch on the board (i suspect u may hv applied a blade to remove epoxy residue...right ?)

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    I used an original games and still won't work.

    The drive spins up then about 2 secs later it stops. I cleaned the laser eye and it appears to move freely.

    As for removing the Epoxy I did use a exacto knife but I have verified the area and it is super clean just like nothing was ever there before. No cuts rips or broken legs at all. I have checked that over very well.

    Is it normal for the drive to spin the dvd and then stop?



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