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Thread: Wiikey2 solderless installation problem.

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    Wiikey2 solderless installation problem.

    Hi, i bought a wiikey 2 Solderless (V14) last week and installed it on a D2B series wii (with the cut arms on the chip thats on the drive), i tested it and it seemed to work, LEDS did their thing, it read the wiikey2 config disk i burnt, so i figured cracked it, put it back together, turned the wii back on, the drive had stopped working, took it apart and for a hour or so tried and tried again to resit it and put it back together with it working occasionally, then when i put the thing back together it'd stop working.

    any ideas what im doing wrong? because im stumped :lol:

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    with the cut arms on the chip thats on the drive, u're subjected to insecured connections among pins of D2B.
    long term fix, soldering. only with wires soldering onto pins.

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    Is there any option other than soldering? I don't trust myself with a soldering iron lol

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    well i don't live where u are
    a solderless modchip.
    i would recommend solderless wiikey2
    i got mine from Mod supplier. they also allow you to download a dissembley video and an istallation video

    Warning!!: if your wii is newer than october 2008 solderless mod chips won't work.

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    this happends to me to, this is because when you put the wii back together some how the clip wont stay on the drive chip, take apart the wii again and you will see that it works again or the chip will fell down, what i did was when i put the drive on the wii before i put the screws of the drive i place mi fingers on the drive holding it so it wont go from side to side then wile holding it i put the screws back, when you finish with the 4 screws check the wii, it it work complete the assembly. Hope this helps


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