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    Hello World

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    Smile I am a new member

    Hey guys,

    I just joined am am interested in learning more about wii. I would like to mak back-ups of my games and such and still be able to play them.


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    Hello Junior,
    And what did you learn today ;-)

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    Hi, and welcome to wiihacks XD.

    make sure you read the rules and the tuts before you ask questions. you can search as well.

    make sure you post in the right spots.

    Have a good time!

    regards, Thete

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    halo, what did i learn, i forget.
    what did i say, pls forgive.

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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Im new here.
    Just installed the twilight hack and successfully backed up and ran 3 of my games so far using an old lg dvd-rom drive and rawdump...
    Looking for any "wii must haves" and other cool stuff!!
    Good to be here..


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