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Thread: Thank You WiiHacks.....

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    Thank You WiiHacks.....

    i used the guides from wiihacks to do the homebrew that i have NOT wanted to venture in... I succesfully downgraded and have home brew loaded. Just wanted to drop a thanks in there for posting the very helpful guides... Got plenty of buddies that have wanted the twilight hack but when i read about it and found this site, all the whinners ruined it for me... After pondering it and all the hassles from buddies i decided to leap.... just wanted to say thank you Spiktsu for the wasabi instal, thank you wiihacks for not running me off .... YET!!!

    Most important, THANK YOU wiihacks
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    Wow your pretty soft then took you all this time lol.....

    Just look at tristians avatar and think

    "Forgive him WIIHACKS,
    he's NOOB!!!!"

    lmao.. =D

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    im tellin ya i pondered it FOREVER, but i didnt have to ask any stupid ? all because of the search.... ^it's up there^ if anyone is wondering, i only left this site twice to be on wiibrew so it was 99% wiihacks... BTW TERDSTER it tristan not tristian

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    lolz. TERDSTER


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