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Thread: Wii key2 and gc2-d1a chipset---no go?

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    Wii key2 and gc2-d1a chipset---no go?

    I have just installed a wiikey2 with the yellow sticker on the bottom--i dont know now if i have the right modchip---my wii has a GC2-D1A CHIPSET--I HAVE DOWNLOADED resident evil and burnt it --it burnt with like 91 files on it,so it will not read in my wii---all my origional games still play---so i am wondering if i have to flash this chip to make it work or if i have the wrong chip---thanks

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    I giveup--i have installed mods in ps and ps2--which was alot harder than these and they worked fine---this has got to be the wrong chip---if anyone out there anywere could say anything that might point me in the right direction---it would be greatly appreciated-----thanks


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