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Thread: Error -10015 while dumping

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    Question Error -10015 while dumping

    Hi there.Got dvd dumper working last night,but when I run it,the screen on my pc (the open or save box) it says:
    Name:R6be.iso (using deBlob for test)
    Type:ISO File, 386mb
    I know that 386mb is not the right file size,and I have run this on two PC's and my laptop.Any ideas on why the file size is so small?(all computers NTFS)
    Thanks for any input!

    BTW-I have homebrew installed on firmware 3.4u then d/graded to 3.2u.DVD dumper v1.2 and windows internet explorer.....plz help!
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    Try using firefox instead of internet explorer

    Just curious........ what router you using ?
    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    Thanks for your understanding

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    Thanks for the reply.I discovered elsewhere on the site to try this since my first post...working perfectly now!!
    You'd think after reading posts on here for a week I would've discovered that before now(duh!)
    Thanks again!

    -Siemens SpeedStream 6520,but I guess you don't need to know that
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    hey im using firefox and i get the same error

    DVD Dumper 1.2
    firmware: 3.4u
    router: D-Link WBR-1310 wireles router


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