games music reference resource? Have found many questions regarding the Wii. This is meant as a onestop collection of resources I have to share and for those you wish to contribute. The best contribution will be selected as winner. here's my contribution:


View DVD thru Wii's Photo Channel. It requires some shareware and a large capacity SD card. here's the link for the article: - this site is an interface untilized for viewing YouTube on the Internet Channel.

Games: - an arcade of simplistic point and click games, geared toward Wii browsing.

Music: - turn the Internet Channel into a virtually limitless song collection with this search engine for live-streaming audio of most popular musicians.

Wii Console# Database: - a member directory of Wii owners who have posted their Wii numbers to connect online for future online gaming.
High Definition:

The Wii has a (sold seperately) HD component cable that is compatible with component interfaces, however, the Wii does not support 720 or 1080 HD, only 480 which is not a major improvement over the standard RCA connection that is bundled with the system.

Finding your Console Number:

From main "Channels" menu, click the "Wii Message Board" button on lower right of screen. Next, click the "Create Message" button on the lower left, the one that resembles a notebad and pencil. After that, click the "Address Book" and press the minus button to flip to the cover page which should show your console #.

Connecting via wireless router:

A high-speed connection modem coupled with a brand name wireless router (I use Linksys Wireless-G) is all you need. The Wii has a built in wireless network adaptor with a simple interface to help get you connected to the web and register your Wii.
Virtual Console:

The Virtual Console offers downloadable games and other content (internet channel, everybody votes channel etc). Games are of classic 8-, 16-, 64-bit era systems (NES, SuperNES, N64, Sega Genesis, TG-16) and range from $5 - $10. These games are updated every MONDAY and have reached over 100 to choose form. Once a Virtual Console game has been downloaded it may be stored in a channel or on a memory stick. Downloaded games are restricted for play only on the system it was downloaded onto and may not be transferred from Wii to Wii. The Wii's limited memory space will allow for a limited amount of games requiring users to transfer games to memory stick storage to make room for more games. So far, I have downloaded roughly a dozen games, however 4 of them are large N64 files and I have nearly reached my maximum capacity. Games that are accidentally erased or lost may be redownloaded for free.
Backwards (Gamecube) Compatibility:

The Wii can play any Gamecube game. Simply insert the 'Cube game as you would a Wii game. The Wii also has ports for Gamecube Controllers (4) and Memory Cards (2). Save data from Gamecube and Wii games can only be saved onto their respective storage media: 'Cube games can not be saved onto memory sticks and Wii games can not be saved onto Gamecube Memory cards.

These are the asnwers to FAQ's I have seen. Please do not hesitate to add any tidbit of info you think might help make the Wii easier and more functional to it's users.