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Thread: Wii Key 2 Install / Test

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    Wii Key 2 Install / Test

    Hi Guys,

    Just soldered in my wii key2 on a d2e drive, yellow sticker on bottom, everything seems to boot up fine and original discs play, the wii key 2 led status flashes quickly from red to blue then all lights go off, this happens on boot up of the wii, and also on accessing a disc, is this right ? If it is how do you update it, I downloaded ver 1.2 and copied the file to a blank dvd - r, inserted it into the wii, and nothing, it comes up with unreadable disc, Am I missing something ?



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    you have to put in a original disc of your region first,then burn the 1.2 update in its iso form, not just drag the file to the burning program.Use imgburn or another image burning program,it should burn a very large file to DVD from the very small download.

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    Nice one, got half way there, will post the results.



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