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Thread: How do you rate the NEW Nintendo Wii compared to the competition?

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    How do you rate the NEW Nintendo Wii compared to the competition?

    I am planning on purchasing a Nintendo Wii, I just want to get everyone's opinion and rating about it. A little pros and cons about it will be very much appreciated too.

    Please rate it from 1 to 5 : 1 as the lowest (bad) and 5(as the highest)

    THANKS in advance!

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    The question everyone ask.

    Well here is my opnion and only mine. As others will have theirs.

    I think the wii is an awesome concept, Many games nail the control style and many game fail horribly. Some games where never created for the wii remote style of play and yet they make em. Don't get me wrong, I will not trade my Wii for anything because the few games that nail the Wii Remote style play take the cake. Excite truck nails the racing games, yet I feel Need for speed carbon fails with the controls.

    Another downfall with the Wii is online play. There is some but not much on the system yet. It's nothing like XBOX Live, XBOX Live Blows the Wii Online out of the water.

    I would say if I had to choose a system it would be the Wii, with the 360 in second.

    If you can afford it get both. They both have the goods and bads.

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    i would rate it around 4, 360 3.5 and ps3 2. nobody is really buying the ps3 cause its expensive and offers almost the same things on the 360, which is cheaper(although it has problems like the red lights of doom). wii is interactive and not that expensive compared to the others, and is the only 1 which can get modded.


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