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Thread: which is better PS3 or Xbox360 or nintendo wii?

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    which is better PS3 or Xbox360 or nintendo wii?

    according to experience plz.

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    well, i have played all three and i think the wii is more interactive. so, in third the Ps3 because it is too expensive and it does not have good games. the 360 has a good amount of games but it is still expensive. the wii has good games and is not expensive

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    i would say 360 then wii then ps3

    Wii is aimed at more family games

    360 aimed at blowing everything up you see (and atm the 360s them self lol)

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    #1 wii, because its the least expensive and the most fun and interactive!!!!!!

    ps3 and xbox 360 have no interactivity, and are too pricey, especially ps3

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    Depends on what you want. If you want a traditional system, then xbox360>ps3>wii If you want online play>xbox360>ps3>wii if you want interactive swing a remote around pretending its a sword than wii>nothing else really fits this, if you want hd movies ps3>xbox360>wii, which doesnt really play movies. I picked ps3 over 360 for movies because you need to buy an additional drive for the 360 to play hddvd while ps3 incorporates bluray. yes hddvd via 360 is still cheaper but ps3 is bluray out of the box. Really, I prefer hddvd myself, wish the 360 had a built in drive

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    LOL i agree plus i hate the fact you need more space for the 360 hd drive lol

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    i like the wii, and xbox, but ps never been a fan since day 1, by far the best console was the dreamcast! ....just kiddin, na i liked the N64 best awsum consol and lots of fun!
    may even ebuy one soon..sod it im off to ebay
    yep another annoying site :<br>check out how to get a freeiphone.

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    i am new i will adders code

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    Depends on what you want...
    Innovation: Wii
    Graphics/power: PS3
    Number of games: 360
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    The wii is the only moddable console out there that does not brike from just watching it. But it's graphical featers are so 6th generation, it's only feature is a joke (compared to XBox!Live wiht voice chat, which costs a lot of money on the other hand.) and the game selection is poor.

    So if you wanna cheap fun, the wii is best.

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