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Thread: Homebrew - Backup Games and random stuff

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    Homebrew - Backup Games and random stuff

    Hi again guys!

    I have just installed Homebrew onto my Wii System, i have also installed the wad files and backup launcher onto my Wii, I am currently in the process of burning my first game to test. however i do have a slight problem.

    As my Wii was running on version 3.3E I have downgraded back to 3.2E. now, when i play my game Super Smash Bro's Brawl it tells me in order to play the game, I must upgrade my system. I understand by upgrading it can cause problems with homebrew and/or with playing backup games.

    could anyone point me in the direction of the information on what i should/need to do, so that it does not request me to update, as i am unable to play the game

    Thank you kindly for any help given, its greatly appreciated!!!



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    justrun the game inthe backup launcer it wont ask you to update as this program bypasses the updates if your still not sure use a program called whizzle shizzle dizzle this program removes updates from isos before you burn them to disk

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    Ah nice stuff, thanks a lot for the quick responce, i will give it a go soon as im back home.

    Thank you!


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    ok, i tried running my original copy of super smash bros brawl, playing it normal states it needs an update so I am unable to play it. i have tried playing it via the backup launcher like a backup game, and then my Wii remotes do not work correctly, they do not point on the screen and the D play buttons do not work correctly e.g. up arrow makes the hand move to the left of the screen.

    i have tested backup games (not of brawl, but of super monkey ball) and it works ok as far as i can tell.

    Any suggestions? maybe a different backup launcher? are there any other kinds? other than backup launcher?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Install Starfall and set the option to block disk updates .........

    try the search works

    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

    The advice given is up to you whether to act on it or not. NO responsibility is taken for you screwing up !
    Thanks for your understanding


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