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Thread: Wasabi Zero.. reboot often

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    Wasabi Zero.. reboot often

    Hi, anyone else with the zero and at 3.2U have any issues with having to hard reboot to get the wii to accept a disc. When switching from one game disc to another i usually have to hold the power button in until it turns red then turn the wii back on to get the disc to read and sometimes the disc won't insert into the wii until i reboot, is this normal behavior for a modded wii ? I put the 1.4 wasabi upgrade disc in and it just went to configuration settings...does this mean my moddchip already is at 1.4 , how can i tell if it is ?

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    when i got my wasabi in i left mine at 3.2 and did have an issue with changing discs, however i soon learned that if i just went to the wii menu before ejecting that i didnt have to reset it every time. Now that i am running 3.4 its still the same. when i insert my wasabi disk it goes to a config screen and down in the corner it shows wasabi v settings


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