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Thread: twightlight princess game stopped working

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    twightlight princess game stopped working

    Hi, have our wii modded with wasabi zero and HB installed with starfall ect, been working pretty good at 3.2 U FW. ... my daughter has been playing twighlight princess on it an now all of a sudden it won't read the disc, i have tried several different burns and two images that were working before but now it simply won't read that game....anyone know what i can try to fix it? or would i be better to upgrade back to 3.4U ... it was working good there when i first installed the wasabi zero without all the software modd's . ??? I did install a wab file awhile back to get animal crossing to work with 3.2U.


    p.s... the main menu would,nt work just black on wii....i opened starfall and removed the block updates and know it works... but still no read on the princess game.
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    maby try using dvd-r media?

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    That is what i use ..verbatum dvd-r and nothing else...this game has been working, just stopped, i reburnt it and still won't read, all other games read fine. When i boot it in geco i get a black screen but it sounds like the disc is reading.

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    could the disk be dirty, my backups are really picky with fingerprints, even a some smudges mess mine up.

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    I got it working.... changed setting burn type to incremental in imgburn and burnt my twightlight princess image at 1X speed, it is now working in the wii....touchy !

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    I have a similar problem with smackdown ,i originally burnt t 1x but had issues with loading,will try 4x.

    4x seems to have done the trick (weird)lol


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